Themes are the skin of XOOPS Cube websites. You may change the look-and-feel of your site by changing the main theme. How to customize the graphical identity your site?

How to change the main theme?

The main theme is the default theme of your site.

  1. Click 'Theme management' in the side menu of Legacy module.
  2. Click 'Select' button of the theme that you want to use as the main theme.

How to install new themes?

Download and unzip the theme archive. Then upload the theme folder to the directory "/themes" of your of XOOPS Cube website

Attention !
Legacy Renderer

A theme may need a special render-system. 'Legacy Renderer' which is released by default, can handle the theme formats of XOOPS2 and XOOPS Cube Legacy. But you can install other render systema and extend XOOPS Cube with themes compatible with touchscreen Mobile devices. Please, read the theme installation note, if any, to avoid issues displaying your site content.

How can users select their favorite Theme?

Users may select their favorite theme from a theme list that you specify. To that end, you need to list up selectable themes and install 'Theme Select' block for visitors.

  1. At first, let's make a theme list. Click 'Theme management' in the side menu of Legacy module.
  2. Check the boxe of each theme that you want to make as selectable. Then, Click button 'Submit'
  3. Install the block 'Theme Select' and set block permissions.